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AEU / SACE Board Collaborative Working Group

The Australian Education Union (AEU) / SACE Board Collaborative Working Group has been established to build the partnership between the SACE Board and the Australian Education Union and its members.

The group comprises nominees from the SACE Board and the AEU, and includes the Chief Executive of the SACE Board and the President and/or the Vice President of the AEU (SA Branch).

The Terms of Reference of the AEU / SACE Board Collaborative Working Group are as follows:

  1. Raise issues of significance and/or concern relating to the development, delivery, and quality of the SACE with specific reference to the engagement and success of senior secondary students.

  2. Explore, in a spirit of mutual collaboration, the issues affecting teachers and school communities as they deliver the SACE.

  3. Identify mechanisms for strengthening the quality and effectiveness of teaching practice, including:

    - strategies to support teachers in the delivery and assessment of SACE curriculum
    - strategies for building capacity in school communities.
  4. Develop mutual and collaborative understandings of the key issues and challenges facing teachers in government schools in relation to students undertaking the SACE.

  5. Build on and improve communication between the SACE Board of South Australia and the Australian Education Union.

The group meets once a term or as agreed by members of the group.