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Examination marking security

SACE Board appointed Markers and Supervisors for Stage 2 subjects with a paper examination will have their marking and supervision batches delivered to their schools. Marking will only be delivered directly to a private address where markers/supervisors are not currently working at a school.

The security requirements for handling the examination marking packages is different to the strict requirements for written examination questions booklets. The need to store examinations in a fixed safe is only required prior to examination day, to ensure the integrity of the exam is maintained.

School staff must follow the procedures outlined below when receiving marking package deliveries from the SACE Board.

Examination marking delivery at schools

  • Deliveries will be clearly labelled with the marker/supervisor details and security requirements
  • Delivery of marking can be signed for by the marker/supervisor or school authorised staff (e.g SACE coordinator or office administration)
  • Markers/Supervisors will have been notified by text and email that the delivery is on route
  • Storage of marking packages must be in a location that can only be accessed by school staff (not students)
  • Marking packages must only be opened by the marker/supervisor identified on the package
  • Couriers will return the marking packages to the SACE Board if they are unable to complete a signed delivery.

Examination marking collection from schools for return to the SACE Board

  • Markers/supervisors will be provided with return address labels and satchels for the return of completed marking
  • Markers/supervisors should have the marked materials (batches) packaged and ready for collection from school reception by 9.00am on scheduled return date provided on their individual marking schedule
  • Storage of marking packages ready for collection must be in a location that can only be accessed by school staff (not students)
  • Couriers will be pre-booked by the SACE Board to complete collection from 9.00am on the scheduled return date.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding the security of examination marking packages, please contact askSACE.
(08) 8115 4700
8.30 am to 5 pm (Australian Central Daylight Time) Monday to Friday