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New in 2020 – online submission of all Stage 2 assessment materials for marking and moderation (except Community Studies). See online submission for ‘how-to’ videos, file names and formats, the schedule and FAQs.

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Modified Subjects

The SACE Board's Special Provisions in Curriculum and Assessment Policy provides flexibility for schools and the SACE Board to make reasonable adjustments in curriculum and assessment to enable students with disability to access and participate in SACE programs, and associated assessments, on the same basis as other students.

However, for a small number of students with disability that result in significant impairment in intellectual functioning and/or adaptive behaviours, the learning requirements and performance standards in one or more SACE subjects are a barrier to achievement and SACE completion, even with the reasonable adjustments available under the Special Provisions Policy.

The disabilities of these students are highly complex and require substantial or extensive adjustments in curriculum and assessment.

To meet the learning needs of individual students with significant impairment in intellectual functioning and/or adaptive behaviours associated with their disability, the SACE Board makes available a set of modified subjects. Modified subjects are highly individualised subjects in which curriculum and assessment are designed around development of one or more SACE capabilities and personal learning goals that are appropriate for the student.

Eligible students can complete the certification requirements of the SACE using one or more modified subjects at Stage 1 and Stage 2.

For information about Stage 1 and Stage 2 Modified Subjects, including what resources are available, where to find them, and why they're important, see Teaching Modified Subjects.

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    External assessment materials for all Stage 2 subjects with an investigation will be submitted online for marking. 

    School assessment materials for all Stage 2 subjects (except Community Studies) will be submitted online for moderation. 

    More about online submission.

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Subject codes

Stage 1
Subject Credits Code
Business and Enterprise: Modified 10 1BEM10
Business and Enterprise: Modified 20 1BEM20
Creative Arts: Modified 10 1CVM10
Creative Arts: Modified 20 1CVM20
Cross-disciplinary Studies: Modified 10 1CXM10
Cross-disciplinary Studies: Modified 20 1CXM20
English: Modified 10 1EPM10
English: Modified 20 1EPM20
Health: Modified 10 1HEM10
Health: Modified 20 1HEM20
Language and Culture: Modified 10 1LAM10
Language and Culture: Modified 20 1LAM20
Mathematics: Modified 10 1MPM10
Mathematics: Modified 20 1MPM20
Personal Learning Plan: Modified 10 1PLM10
Scientific Studies: Modified 10 1SFM10
Scientific Studies: Modified 20 1SFM20
Society and Culture: Modified 10 1SOM10
Society and Culture: Modified 20 1SOM20
Stage 2
Subject Credits Code
Business and Enterprise: Modified 10 2BEM10
Business and Enterprise: Modified 20 2BEM20
Creative Arts: Modified 10 2CVM10
Creative Arts: Modified 20 2CVM20
Cross-disciplinary Studies: Modified 10 2CXM10
Cross-disciplinary Studies: Modified 20 2CXM20
English: Modified 10 2EPM10
English: Modified 20 2EPM20
Health: Modified 10 2HEM10
Health: Modified 20 2HEM20
Language and Culture: Modified 10 2LAM10
Language and Culture: Modified 20 2LAM20
Mathematics: Modified 10 2MPM10
Mathematics: Modified 20 2MPM20
Research Project: Modified 10 2RPM10
Scientific Studies: Modified 10 2SFM10
Scientific Studies: Modified 20 2SFM20
Society and Culture: Modified 10 2SOM10
Society and Culture: Modified 20 2SOM20

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