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Merit Ceremony


We have made the difficult decision to delay the 2022 Merit Ceremony.

Like many activities across the country, our special event has been impacted by the challenges of Omicron.

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with us

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  • Teachers, Coordinators

    There are a range of subject outlines with changes for 2022 and subject outlines transitioning from print format to digital content for 2022. We have recently communicated the details to the education community.

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    Subject renewal
  • Students

    Past students can apply for a replacement copy of their results.

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  • Teachers, Coordinators

    A new subject – Stage 2 Community Connections – will be taught for the first time in 2022, and replaces Stage 2 Community Studies B.

    Download the Stage 2 Community Connections subject outline [PDF 358KB]

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    Community Studies B Community Connections
  • Teachers, Coordinators

    The Board has approved a new subject: Stage 1 and Stage 2 Spiritualities, Religion and Meaning, to be taught for the first time in 2022. It emerged from subject renewal of Stage 1 and 2 Religion Studies, which involved extensive consultation with Religion Studies teachers, leaders and religious education experts from schools, universities and other educational institutions. For subject details, see Spiritualities, Religion and Meaning subject outline [PDF 512KB]

    Stage 1 and Stage 2 Religion Studies will be available for teaching for the last time in 2022.

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    Religion Studies Spiritualities, Religion and Meaning

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Celebrating success in the SACE — student stories

It's an individual journey where success can look different for every student.

Read from our inspiring collection of students — from the Class of 2021 — who used the SACE to show the world who they are.

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Congratulations, Class of 2021!

Celebrate the 15,644 students achieving their SACE. Take a minute to reflect on the achievements of the Class of 2021 in our celebration video.

Press play to view the video.

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Join the SACE Change Network

In 2021, we're connecting school leaders, educators, and students with dedicated SACE project teams to transform the SACE and achieve our vision of thriving learners.

Be a leading voice in testing ideas and piloting new approaches in your school.

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Resources for teachers

Teaching Stage 1 and Stage 2

All you need to know about teaching a Stage 1 or Stage 2 subject. Learn about subject outlines, performance standards and grades, learning and assessment plans, the quality assurance cycle, school assessment and moderation, external assessment, and more.

Marketing Showcase | The new VET Recognition Register

The new and improved

VET Recognition Register

Use the register to help students plan their future career and pathways to employment, traineeships and apprenticeships. The new and improved VET Recognition Register delivers on the State Government’s reform to strengthen the role of VET in the SACE, and is a key part of the SACE Board’s strategic vision to develop a connected qualification.

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Subject outlines online

We consulted with over 600 teachers, SACE coordinators, and school leaders to learn how we could best transform our document-based subject outlines to digital content.

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Achieving your SACE

How to build 200 credits

Here’s a short video on how the SACE works and how students can achieve the necessary requirements through subjects, VET and other recognised learning.

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  • SACE International

    SACE International is the international department of the SACE Board, and since the 1980s has been responsible for developing, growing, and maintaining SACE Board educational products and services outside of Australia. 

    The SACE is currently delivered through a growing network of accredited schools across ASIA.   

    To deliver the SACE outside of Australia please contact our international team for support and guidance. 

  • Prescient

    Prescient is the professional learning service of the SACE Board. We empower educators to drive the future of education by providing transformative professional learning across all sectors and levels of teaching. Using local, national and international expertise, we share ideas, problem-solve and empower teachers in their vital role as change agents.