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Your marketing toolkit to promote the SACE

The SACE marketing toolkit is designed to assist you in explaining the SACE to parents. 

The kit includes brochures, posters, videos and a powerpoint presentation, all of which give a broad overview of the value of the SACE and the flexibility of the program to help all students achieve success. 

The brochure is provided in a 2-page or 8-page version. Each item has been created with parent information nights in mind, as well as for use in school newsletters and your school's social media channels. 

Web Content Display (Global)

Web Content Display (Global)

Capabilities posters

The SACE focuses on students developing seven capabilities. But what do the capabilities mean to them?

We asked students to define each one in their terms, the result being this set of posters for your senior study areas and classrooms that speak directly to students. Click on each one to download.