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Year 10

Year 10 is an important year in thinking about the path you may want to take after school, and for making sure you’re in the best position to work towards your education, training and career goals.

The Personal Learning Plan (PLP) is a Stage 1 subject usually studied in Year 10 that will help you plan your future and show you how you can study effectively to achieve your SACE.

The PLP is the first compulsory subject of your SACE. It’s a 10-credit Stage 1 subject designed to give you a good foundation for Year 11 and Year 12. 

You’ll need to achieve a C grade or better in the PLP to earn the 10 credits for your SACE.

As part of the PLP, you’ll work with your teachers to plan your SACE. This means selecting the subjects that will help lead you to your preferred study and employment options. 

Your teachers or careers counsellor can help you identify the subjects that meet university prerequisites, provide a solid base for university learning, and are likely to help you do your best.

You’ll probably also receive your SACE registration in Year 10. This gives you access to the SACE Students Online portal, where your SACE results will be recorded – starting with your PLP.

Use the SACE planner [PDF 67KB] to help choose subjects and complete your SACE.