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New in 2020 – online submission of all Stage 2 assessment materials for marking and moderation (except Community Studies). See online submission for ‘how-to’ videos, file names and formats, the schedule and FAQs.

2021 first year of teaching (green info box)

2021 is the first year of teaching Stage 1 and Stage 2 Politics, Power and People.

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Subject description

Politics, Power and People (from 2021)

Politics, Power and People is the study of how power is distributed and exercised at all levels of society. It explores ideas related to cooperation, conflict, crises and the political intricacies of a government. Students develop an understanding of expressions of power and politics and the effect of these on the individual, families, workplaces, communities, governments, and institutions in the commercial world, law and media.


Subject codes

Subject codes

Stage 1
Credits Code
10 1PPP10
20 1PPP20
Stage 2
Credits Code
20 2PPP20

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  • Teachers, Coordinators

    External assessment materials for all Stage 2 subjects with an investigation will be submitted online for marking. 

    School assessment materials for all Stage 2 subjects (except Community Studies) will be submitted online for moderation. 

    More about online submission.

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