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Previously Information sheet 10 Improving — results reports for schools

Explanation of the purpose and scope of the reports on assessment results. Details of the SACE schools data on the SACE website.

The SACE Board provides schools with qualitative and quantitative data at the end of the final moderation and external assessment processes. Schools use the data for planning and improvement. The SACE Board uses the data and feedback from schools to improve its procedures.

Pattern checking for SACE completion

Schools are able to generate a Student Tracking Summary Report in Schools Online (Students > Student Reports). This lists students’ achievements in the compulsory elements of the SACE and can be used to identify students who fall into the ‘near miss’ category (one or two SACE requirements are not met).

SACE/NTCET results reports for schools

The principal’s delegate(s) can access the following reports for students’ assessment results in Schools Online (Reports > Results Reports):

  • ‘A’ Grade Report: a list of students who received a result in the A grade band (including A+ with Merit, A+, A, and A–) for a Stage 2 subject.
  • Final Moderation Effects: a summary of the moderation outcomes for the school-assessed component of every graded Stage 2 subject completed by students at the school.
  • Final Subject Grade Report: a grade level distribution for every graded Stage 2 subject completed by students at the school, along with a grade level distribution for all students in the state.
  • Register of Results: subject and SACE/NTCET completion information for every Stage 2 student at the school.
  • Register of VET Results: information on vocational education and training (VET) for those students who have undertaken VET for recognition towards the SACE/NTCET.
  • School Subject Assessment Report: detailed subject assessment information for every student for each Stage 2 subject, including the school and moderated grades for each school assessed component, external assessment marks, final subject grade, and scaled score for the subject.
  • School Summary Information: a comprehensive set of data to support schools in the analysis of their SACE/NTCET outcomes for the year.
  • Stage 2 Moderation Feedback for individual subject assessment groups.
  • Stage 2 Moderation Summary Report for those subjects selected for online moderation.

The reports for the current calendar year will be available from the day of results release. The reports can be downloaded as a PDF or in CSV/Excel format for easy distribution and analysis.

Maximising student success reports

The principal’s delegate(s) can access the following reports, designed to maximise student success in the SACE, in Schools Online (Reports > Results Reports):

  • SACE/NTCET Indicators Report: information for a number of SACE/NTCET indicators over 3 years.
  • SACE/NTCET Completion Summary Report: a summative look at the school’s current students’ SACE/NTCET completion pattern.
  • SACE/NTCET Progress Report: a summative look at the progress of the school’s present and past students who commenced the Personal Learning Plan 3 years prior and are yet to complete the SACE.

SACE Schools Data

SACE Schools Data is the series of reports that contain the results of SACE students:

  • at each school
  • across each school's state or region.

The data is made available to the principal’s delegate(s) in Schools Online (Reports > SACE Schools Data) on the day of results release.

The data sets are subject to annual revision.

Stage 1

  • Grade distribution by learning area
  • Results by graded subject and by modified subject
  • Results for completion of the literacy requirement, numeracy requirement, and the Personal Learning Plan.

Stage 2

  • Grade distribution by school and by learning area
  • Results by graded subject and by modified subject.

Vocational education and training (VET)

  • VET units of competency completed by certificate level
  • VET qualifications completed by certificate level
  • Participation in VET qualifications by type (i.e. school-based, apprenticeship, or traineeship)
  • SACE completers who also studied VET.

SACE Completion

  • SACE completion.

Subject assessment advice and subject assessment reports

Subject assessment advice for each Stage 2 subject and a subject assessment report for each compulsory Stage 1 subject (English and mathematics subjects and the Personal Learning Plan) are published early in Term 1 each year for the relevant subjects.

The reports are designed to help teachers to interpret the assessment requirements of each subject. They also contain advice on the quality of student performance in the previous year.


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