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Previously Information sheet 22 Registration — students and schools

Explanation of the procedure for registering: students in the SACE and specialist subject schools with the SACE Board.

Students must be registered in the SACE (allocated a SACE registration number) before they can receive results. SACE coordinators are responsible for the registration of all students. 

Student registration

Student registrations must be completed in Schools Online at the beginning of the student's SACE journey. Any new students should be registered as soon as possible.

Students are allocated a SACE registration number after providing specific personal information. They must provide full and accurate details (i.e. family and given names, gender, and date of birth) to avoid being allocated a second SACE registration number. SACE coordinators are requested to undertake a search in Schools Online to check that, for all students new to the school, no previous SACE registration exists.

After allocating a SACE registration number, the student can log in to Students Online to activate their user account. The student can then become familiar with the rules of the SACE, set up their sharing preferences and provide information about their background. Information provided will be treated confidentially and used only for research purposes.

Ethnic schools and specialist subject schools

In most cases, students at ethnic schools and specialist subject schools will have a SACE registration number allocated to them by the SACE Board through their contact school. SACE coordinators at these schools should ask students to provide this number in order to complete subject enrolments.

For students who are not studying any other SACE subjects but who have contact schools, ethnic schools and specialist subject schools should ask the contact school to register the student in Schools Online.


Phone: (08) 8115 4700

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School registration

Specialist subject schools that are not ethnic schools must be registered with the SACE Board.

For information on how to register as a SACE Provider (Conditional), please email or call (08) 8115 4700.

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