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Previously Information sheet 28 Results submission — Stage 1

Details about the requirements for schools to submit Stage 1 results for Board-accredited subjects to the SACE Board in Schools Online.

At the end of each semester, schools report results to the SACE Board for each Stage 1 subject in which a student has received a result. For Stage 1 Board-accredited subjects, schools report results to the SACE Board as a grade between A and E. The quality of learning demonstrated for each grade is described in the performance standards in the subject outlines. Teachers use the performance standards to determine a student’s level of achievement in a subject.

Schools enter ‘W’ (withdrawn) for students who enrol but withdraw from a subject. Schools enter ‘N’ (no result) for students who enrol in a subject but do not demonstrate sufficient evidence to achieve the E grade.

Schools may enter a ‘P’ (pending) for English and mathematics subjects and the Personal Learning Plan until the student is able to provide evidence of his or her learning at the C grade or better.

For Stage 1 modified subjects, schools report results to the SACE Board as ‘completed’ or ‘not completed’.

Approved Stage 1 learning and assessment plans

Schools are required to have at least one approved learning and assessment plan for each Stage 1 subject offered before reporting students’ results. The principal or the principal’s delegate approves school-developed learning and assessment plans, and pre-approved plans that have been adapted. Approved learning and assessment plans should be kept in a central location in the school. Schools should not report results in a Stage 1 subject if a learning and assessment plan has not been approved for the subject.


Key dates

Refer to the SACE calendar for due dates for Stage 1 subject results — to be finalised and submitted in Schools Online.

Semester Stage 1 results sheets available in Schools Online Stage 1 results sheets due at the SACE Board
Semester 1 (NT) Mid June Late June
Semester 1 (SA) Late June Early July
Semester 2 (SA & NT) Mid November Early December

While entering the results, errors may be identified that need immediate resolution. Therefore, the process should be started early enough to allow time to correct errors.

If there are special reasons why the Stage 1 results cannot be finalised by the due dates, SACE coordinators must seek approval for an extension by emailing or calling (08) 8115 4700. The SACE Board cannot accept responsibility for results that are not submitted by the due dates. Results provided after these dates cannot be assured of certification for the relevant assessment period.

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Stage 1 English and mathematics subjects and the Personal Learning Plan

Moderation is used to confirm the C grade in Stage 1 English and mathematics subjects and the Personal Learning Plan for each school. Schools required to attend moderation should not report results to the SACE Board for students in the subjects being moderated, until moderation has occurred (see Information sheet 16).

For English: Modified, Mathematics: Modified, and the Personal Learning Plan: Modified, the SACE Board reviews a sample of completed/not completed results for each school. Further information about confirming results in these subjects is provided in Stage 1 and Stage 2 modified subjects information and guidelines.

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