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When do I get paid?

If you are a marker or moderator, you will receive payment after all QA processes for that subject have been completed (including supervision and QA processes).

Payment is dependent on payment cycles and when the files are submitted to Shared Services for payment by the SACE Board. Payment does not necessarily occur as soon as you have finished given the processing steps involved. We endeavour to process payments as quickly as possible.

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Will I be notified of payment?

You will receive an email notifying you when payment has been processed. This email will include the date payment will be deposited into your account.

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Will I be paid for everything at the same time?

No, this may depend on the task you are completing, when the subject has been completed and when payment has been authorised and submitted by the SACE team to Shared Services for processing.

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Is there a payment slip so I can see how much I get paid?

To access your payslip please contact Shared Services on 8372 7502 press 1, then press 4, for a copy of your payslip. Alternatively, you can email Payroll Customer Service at payrollcustomerservicesharedsector@sa.gov.au.

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What if I complete work other than marking or moderation?

Payment for other work completed is paid by private salary claim form. When the SACE Board requests work outside of marking or moderation, you will be provided with the claim form. Once completed this form is emailed to SACE.Panels@sa.gov.au and the team will arrange processing by Shared Services for you.

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How do I get on a panel?

You can express interest by submitting an expression of interest form. Further information is available on the SACE website. The SACE Board are currently reviewing the processes for appointment and management of assessment panels, and we will update our website as new material is available.

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When will I know if I have been selected for a panel?

Panellists are sent an offer to be involved in a panel during Term 3. Offers for different subjects may be sent at different times as subjects are finalised, so it is not unusual to receive more than one email if you have expressed interest in multiple subjects. It is important that you check your acceptances and notify the SACE Board if you are not able to fulfill the assessment requirements for each subject.

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I have received more than one panel appointment form and code of conduct form; do I need to return one for each panel?

No, only one panel appointment form and one code of conduct form needs to be returned each year.

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Do I need to submit a TFN each year?

No, you only need to submit a TFN the first time you are on a panel.

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Do I need to do any training?

Yes, you are required to complete the relevant PLATO training prior to participating in investigation marking and moderation. Panelists only need to complete each PLATO training course once, regardless of the number of panels they are appointed to for each process.

Panelists will not be able to participate in any panel process where they have not completed compulsory training.

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Do I need to attend any meetings?

Yes. If you are selected for an examination or oral examination marking panel, attendance at the exam meeting is compulsory. If you are unable to attend marker meetings, you will be unable to mark.

Other assessment panels may hold meetings to discuss the assessment process and share information.

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Do I need to attend meetings face to face or online?

Generally, meetings are held online however, there may be circumstances where a subject requires panellists to meet face to face. Face to face meetings are usually held at the SACE Board.

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Do I need to collect examination papers?

No, if your subject is an online examination your marking will be conducted online.

If your subject is a paper examination, batches allocated to you will be couriered to your school.

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How is investigation marking completed?

Investigation marking is undertaken online in Schools Online.

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How is moderation completed?

Moderation is completed online in Schools Online.

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If I marked or moderated last year but would like to take a break this year, can I do so?

Yes, you can advise the SACE Board you are not available in the current year. This does not prevent you from being considered for further years.

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Can I ask to be removed from a panel?

Yes, you can email the SACE Board to request that you are removed from an individual panel or from multiple panels.

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