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SACE stars take on The Voice

The wait seemed like forever for Adelaide's latest singing sensation G-Nat!on. After months of hard work in Sydney, Australia decided that the girls were in the top four acts on The Voice 2022. But did you know that four of the group juggled their SACE whilst being on the biggest singing competition in Australia?

Meet Isla, Mateja, Alessia, Rylee – the younger members of G-Nat!on. Performing has been in their blood since they were little, and achieving their SACE is equally important to them.

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"The Voice was exciting, nerve-wracking and high pressure, and then we had to remember what is coming for us in the next few years. Which is why we wanted to finish our SACE and get our academic side completed’, says Isla.

"SACE allowed us to have this incredible opportunity and still finish our year 12, which is amazing. We get our SACE points and do the subjects we love without compromising the other things that we love equally.’

"Our SACE experience has definitely been more flexible than usual. The Special Interest Academy at Thebarton Senior College has helped us out this year as finishing everything was so important to us, says Alessia.

"While we were in Sydney, having each other's support was amazing. We weren't on our own as we do similar subjects, so it was great to be able to help each other out.’

"Sometimes I'd call Isla and ask her to come up to my room, or we'd ask our teachers, always sending them emails, they would help us out’, says Mateja.

Thebarton Senior College Assistant Principal Toni Andrew says that the Special Interest Academy supports performing artists and athletes to further develop their skills in their chosen area, while continuing their learning and achieving their SACE.

"Our teachers work hard to develop a SACE program and timetable that is individual to each student and supports them to achieve their career goals.

“We have worked with Isla, Alessia, Mateja and Rylee to identify other learning that can contribute to their SACE, such as their dance teaching, dance exams and their VET qualifications.

"We deliver SACE programs until 7pm to help our students have an achievable balance of study, training and other commitments, even something like The Voice!".

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