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Stage 2

Usually undertaken in Year 12

In Year 12, you’ll earn the remainder of the 200 credits you need to complete your SACE.

At least 60 of the 200 credits must be earned in Stage 2, and these must be three 20-credit (full-year) subjects, or the VET equivalent.

Choosing your Stage 2 subjects

Choosing your Stage 2 subjects will be a similar process to choosing those you studied in Stage 1.

You may find it easier to select your Stage 2 subjects, as in choosing your Stage 1 subjects you’ll have established the direction you wanted to take, in line with your interests and goals.

In Stage 2, most students reduce the number of subjects to create a manageable schedule that provides the credits they need. You should discuss with your teachers which subjects are best for you and allow you to follow the university or other paths you want to take after school.

If you're thinking about going on to further study after Year 12, it's important to familiarise yourself with entry requirements for university and TAFE. Make sure you check out the next section, Planning beyond SACE, to help you choose the right subjects to get into the courses you want.