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Year 11

Most students choose Stage 1 SACE subjects in Year 11 and follow with Stage 2 subjects in Year 12

You can choose from the Stage 1 subjects offered at your school, as well as vocational education and training (VET) courses and other options.

In Year 11, you’ll have already completed your PLP in Year 10. Now, you’ll study some compulsory and some non-compulsory subjects that will earn you more of the credits towards your SACE. 

There are two compulsory Stage 1 requirements that most students complete in Year 11:

  • At least two semesters of an English subject or subjects (giving you 20 credits in total)
  • At least one semester of a mathematics subject (10 credits).

In addition to these, you’ll add other, non-compulsory subjects to your study schedule.

At some schools, the Research Project is completed in Year 11. 

Some students also choose to take a Stage 2 subject in Year 11. If you’re considering this, you should discuss it with your parents/guardians and teachers, to make sure you have the necessary learning foundations and can handle the extra workload.

Planning Year 11

If you’re in Year 10, and possibly if you’re in Year 9, you’re probably already thinking about the subjects you want to study in your SACE.

Discussing your options with teachers and your school’s careers counsellor will help you select the right subjects for you and your goals.

These may be the subjects that are connected to the study or employment that you’re interested in after school. They may be prerequisites or useful background for university or vocational education and training (VET) courses.

Many students find that selecting subjects they enjoy or have a keen interest in helps them stay focused and motivated.

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Choosing your Stage 1 subjects

Most students study Stage 1 subjects in Year 11.

SACE subjects worth 10 credits are usually one-semester subjects, while 20-credit subjects usually involve a full year of study.

For most full-time students, a Stage 1 course load in Year 11 will earn them about half of their 200 credits.

These include the compulsory two semesters of an English subject or subjects, and one semester of a mathematics subject.

When choosing your subjects, you should think about what you learned in your PLP about planning your SACE to help you enter university or training or apply for the jobs you’re interested in.

It may help to ask yourself:

  • What am I interested in?
  • What am I good at?
  • What sort of job, or types of work, will help me follow my interests?
  • What subjects do I need to study to improve my options?

It’s important to think about your own interests and goals, and not be pressured by friends or others into choosing subjects that aren’t right for you. Research that shows many students don’t succeed at school, or drop out of university or can’t find jobs they like, because they’ve been influenced by the choices or expectations of others.

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