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2023 is the last year of teaching the current Stage 1 nationally assessed languages (continuers). The renewed Nationally Assessed Languages at Continuers Level will be taught from 2024.

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To support schools and students with any ongoing potential pressures associated with COVID, and to maximise the existing flexibility in the curriculum and assessment, the SACE Board has approved adjustments for 2023.

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2023 is the last year that Romanian and Yiddish will be available at Stage 1.

2024 is the last year that Romanian and Yiddish will be available at Stage 2.

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Languages (national continuers)

Continuers level languages are designed for students who have studied the language for 400 to 500 hours by the time they have completed Stage 2, or who have an equivalent level of knowledge.

In studying these languages, students interact with others to share information, ideas, opinions and experiences.

Students create texts in the specific language to express information, feelings, ideas and opinions. They analyse texts to interpret meaning, and examine relationships between language, culture and identity, and reflect on the ways in which culture influences communication.

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Subject codes

Stage 1
Subject Credits Code
Armenian 10 1AEC10
Armenian 20 1AEC20
Bengali 10 1BEC10
Bengali 20 1BEC20
Bosnian 10 1BOC10
Bosnian 20 1BOC20
Chin Hakha 10 1CKC10
Chin Hakha 20 1CKC20
Croatian 10 1CRC10
Croatian 20 1CRC20
Dutch 10 1DUC10
Dutch 20 1DUC20
Filipino 10 1FIC10
Filipino 20 1FIC20
Hebrew 10 1HBC10
Hebrew 20 1HBC20
Hindi 10 1HIC10
Hindi 20 1HIC20
Karen 10 1KRC10
Karen 20 1KRC20
Macedonian 10 1MNC10
Macedonian 20 1MNC20
Nepali 10 1NEC10
Nepali 20 1NEC20
Persian 10 1PNC10
Persian 20 1PNC20
Portuguese 10 1PGC10
Portuguese 20 1PGC20
Punjabi 10 1PUC10
Punjabi 20 1PUC20
Romanian 10 1ROC10
Romanian 20 1ROC20
Russian 10 1RUC10
Russian 20 1RUC20
Serbian 10 1SEC10
Serbian 20 1SEC20
Sinhala 10 1SIC10
Sinhala 20 1SIC20
Swedish 10 1SWC10
Swedish 20 1SWC20
Tamil 10 1TAC10
Tamil 20 1TAC20
Turkish 10 1TUC10
Turkish 20 1TUC20
Yiddish 10 1YIC10
Yiddish 20 1YIC20
Stage 2
Subject Credits Code
Armenian 20 2AEC20
Bengali 20 2BEC20
Bosnian 20 2BOC20
Chin Hakha 20 2CKC20
Croatian 20 2CRC20
Dutch 20 2DUC20
Filipino 20 2FIC20
Hebrew 20 2HBC20
Hindi 20 2HIC20
Karen 20 2KRC20
Macedonian 20 2MNC20
Nepali 20 2NEC20
Persian 20 2PNC20
Portuguese 20 2PGC20
Punjabi 20 2PUC20
Romanian 20 2ROC20
Russian 20 2RUC20
Serbian 20 2SEC20
Sinhala 20 2SIC20
Swedish 20 2SWC20
Tamil 20 2TAC20
Turkish 20 2TUC20
Yiddish 20 2YIC20