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Registration of students — registration slips
Information sheet 25

Details about SACE registration slips and the registration slips checklist.

SACE registration slips

In late April, and late July, the SACE Board sends SACE registration slips to schools for students newly enrolled for SACE study. The registration slips checklist accompanies the slips.

Slips should be distributed to students for checking and completion. Return the white copy to the SACE Board by mid May, and early August.

The yellow copy is kept by the student.

The slips are printed alphabetically by the family name of the student within home groups in the contact school. Y (yes) is printed in each of the declaration boxes; a note on the slip indicates that students must change the Y to N (no) if they wish to change the declaration. Overseas students must indicate whether or not they are full-fee-paying students by ticking the appropriate box. The student must sign the slip.

The bottom of the white copy contains questions about the student’s background. Information provided will be treated confidentially and used only for research purposes. To complete questions about ethnicity and language background, the student must refer to the set of country codes and language codes used by the SACE Board.

Schools are asked to liaise with students to provide accurate information about whether they are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin.

The SACE Board will send a report in late July identifying students who have not returned a signed registration slip and are enrolled in at least one Stage 2 subject.

Corrections to personal information

Students may ask for corrections to be made to their personal information (e.g. address). Schools should update the SACE Board’s database as appropriate in Schools Online. Sometimes information on the database is not well formatted: for example, house numbers are entered on one line and the street address on another; or there is more than one space between names. This formatting will appear on any student documents produced by the SACE Board, unless the school adjusts it. The SACE Board will not make any changes to student information in Schools Online.

call: +61 8 8115 4712

Certificate mailing address

The certificate documents for Stage 2 students will be sent to the address that schools have entered in the SACE Board’s database. Schools can change students’ personal details in Schools Online no later than the end of the first week in December.

Students with two SACE registration numbers

If a student has been issued with a second SACE registration number, please immediately advise us by emailing This happens mainly with students transferring from school to school and from the Northern Territory. It is important for the student that the SACE Board reconciles two SACE registration numbers as soon as possible.

Slips sent to wrong schools

SACE registration slips will be sent to schools for all students who are registered, including those students who have registered since the last distribution of slips. The registration slips of students who have changed schools may be sent to the wrong school. Please send the slips to the new school or, if this is not possible, return them to the SACE Board.

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Registration slips checklist

The registration slips checklist provides confirmation of the registration slips sent to the school. It may help with the distribution and return of registration slips within the school.

Schools should photocopy the registration slips checklist for their records before returning it to the SACE Board with the completed registration slips.

call: +61 8 8115 4712

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