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Previously Information sheet 25 Students Online

At the point of registration, schools should provide students with their SACE registration number and support them to activate their account.

Web Content Display (Global)

During activation of their account students will be asked to confirm their Sharing preference.

The SACE Board recommends that students use their own personal email addresses. 

If the school email account is used, schools should not expire the student email accounts before  a minimum of two months after results release to ensure students can continue to access their results.

The SACE Board recommends that students set their sharing preferences to Y (yes) allowing the SACE Board to release student results and information to:

  1. The students school 
  2. The media (*for students with outstanding results)
  3. South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) which enables them to calculate the ATAR score for University Entrance.

Schools are requested to regularly monitor students that have not activated their accounts and prompt students to complete this task.  This access also helps the student check their personal details, that their enrolments are accurate and plan their SACE journey.

A new report in Schools Online allows schools to monitor which students have activated their Students Online account.

Corrections to personal information

Changes to student’s personal information (e.g. address) should be updated in Schools Online. Schools are requested to follow correct formatting when entering student details. This formatting will appear on any student documents produced by the SACE Board. The SACE Board will not make any changes to student information in Schools Online.

Certificate mailing address

Schools should make final changes students’ personal details in Schools Online no later than the end of the first week in December.

Students with two SACE registration numbers

If a student has been issued with a second SACE registration number, please immediately advise us by emailing

+61 8 8115 4700
Monday to Friday, 8.30 am - 5 pm