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Mid-year results information

Mid-year results can be accessed in Students Online once results have been uploaded. You will not receive a printed record of achievement until the end of the year.

Technical support

If you have forgotten your PIN, you can request a PIN reset in Students Online.

For help with logging in, password resets, etc.
+61 8 8372 7412
8.30 am to 5 pm (Australian Central Daylight Time) Monday to Friday

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Who receives mid-year results?

The following students will be able to access their mid-year results online:

  • those whose schools submitted the Research Project in Semester 1
  • those who have mid-year results for Stage 1 subjects in 2018
  • those who have been granted recognition for recognised courses, such as vocational education and training (VET).
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About SACE results

SACE results in Students Online displays:

  • results for subjects you have completed, with a grade from A to E for completed Stage 1 subjects and a grade from A+ to E- for completed Stage 2 subjects
  • all Stage 1 and Stage 2 subjects you have enrolled in.
  • Guide to SACE results [PDF 200KB]
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About your SATAC tertiary entrance results

You will not receive the tertiary entrance statement (TES) for mid-year results.

Your tertiary entrance statement (TES) is issued by the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) at the end of the year. It includes scaled scores for tertiary entrance, and any university aggregate, Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or TAFE SA Selection Score you have achieved.

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Assessment summaries, checks, and return of materials

Summary of grades for each assessment type

You can request a printed summary of your grades for each assessment type for Stage 2 subjects completed in 2018 by using the Student assessment summary section of the request form below.

The summary will list your:

  • school grade and moderated grade for each school assessment type
  • school assessment grade and external assessment grade
  • final subject grade

Numeric equivalents will also be included for each grade.

Clerical check

You can request an additional check of your marks and grades by using the clerical check section of the request form below.

The SACE Board will then check that:

  • your results were correctly entered into the computer system
  • you have been awarded the correct subject grade and its numeric equivalent, based on your school assessment and external assessment.

Return of student materials

School assessment materials for all subjects, and external assessment materials for Creative Arts, Information Processing and Publishing, and Visual Artscan be collected from your school.

External assessment materials returns for all other subjects can be requested from the SACE Board by using the return of student materials section of the request form below. You must submit the request to the SACE Board before 1 September 2018, and your external assessment materials will be returned after this date.

Materials that are returned or collected will not show any marks from the markers or moderators.


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Mid-year results FAQs

Can I contact the SACE Board if I have a question about my results?

Yes, we have a results enquiry line, with staff who answer queries confidentially.

See enquiries for contact information.

If I did not achieve a C- or better, can I resubmit my Research Project in Semester 2 to become eligible for the SACE?

Yes. If you choose to resubmit, you must re-enrol in the subject through your school. If you resubmit one or more assessments on the same topic, and achieve at least a C-, your result will be reported as 'status granted'. Talk to your Research Project teacher about re-enrolment and resubmission of your Research Project.

Can I repeat the Research Project to improve my grade?

Yes, but you must re-enrol in the subject and undertake a Research Project that is different in topic and content. Talk to your Research Project teacher about re-enrolment.

Can I find out my individual grades for the Folio, Research Outcome and Evaluation?

Yes, your school will have this information. Ask your Research Project teacher if you would like to find out what grade you received for each of these assessment components.

Will I get my work back after I get my results?

You will receive the school assessed component of your work back, as it is returned to schools after moderation.

Why isn't my scaled score for Research Project B listed?

The scaled score for the Research Project, along with your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (if you are eligible), will be provided in December.

If I choose to resubmit my Research Project in Semester 2, will both results appear on my Record of Achievement at the end of the year?

Yes. If you choose to repeat a subject, each result will be listed on your Record of Achievement. If you have more than one result in the Research Project, only a maximum of 10 credits will count towards the SACE.

I got an A+ for my Research Project. Does that mean I get a subject merit?

In addition to receiving an A+, you also need to have demonstrated exceptional achievement in the subject in order to receive a merit. If this requirement is satisfied, it will be reported on your Record of Achievement in December as 'A+ with Merit'.

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We have a results enquiry line, with staff who answer queries confidentially.

SACE results enquiries
+61 8 83727400
Freecall for SA country students: 1800 652 230
8.30 am to 5 pm (Australian Central Daylight Time) Monday to Friday

The operator will have access to your results details - please have your personal details (including your SACE registration number) handy before you call.

Naturally it gets busy, but we'll answer your call as soon as possible. You may decide to contact your school first-they have a full register of results.

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