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Thriving learners are learning more than subjects and more than what the SACE currently values and recognises. Students develop capabilities through subject learning and should also have other learning recognised alongside subject achievement, providing a passport to thrive

Some schools are already collaborating and co-designing with us. The Capabilities and Learner Profile and Recognition of Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge and Learning projects are making progress in developing additional approaches to recognition that showcase more of what young people know and can do. 

Capabilities & Learner Profile

“Despite teaching some students for two or three years, I learned so much more about the students and their lives in my class” – Pilot 2 teacher.

The SACE Board’s Capabilities & Learner Profile project introduces the development and recognition of capabilities alongside academic achievement (grades) to provide a more holistic view of students' achievements.

We have been learning from the experience of students, teachers and leaders through two successive pilots. We will continue to consolidate our learning with existing pilot schools and continue to identify risks and opportunities to scale up to the broader system over the next 3-4 years. We will also keep working with industry and tertiary partners to explore solutions for better matching students to post-school pathways. 

Recognition of Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge and Learning

“It made me proud. It’s not often you see cultural learning recognised ever, let alone in a classroom.” – Codi, Year 12 student 

The Recognition of Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge and Learning project is committed to fulfilling the learning entitlement of Aboriginal students by having their cultural knowledge and learning directly and formally recognised by the SACE Board. 

We have been learning from the experience of students, schools and Aboriginal communities through two successive pilots. We are confident in the project’s impact and we now start planning for implementation in 2025.  

During 2024, we will continue to engage with Aboriginal communities, schools and students to develop culturally respectful and responsive approaches that work for a range of schools.

Current Recognition Arrangements

In addition to the new recognition arrangements being tested through pilot programs, the SACE Board has always recognised valuable learning developed in schools, workplaces, and training and community organisations.