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Apply for a Stage 2 assessment panel

As a teacher, you are invited to apply for a Stage 2 assessment panel. This is part of the SACE quality assurance cycle. We encourage teachers already on the register to update their personal information and availability for panels every year.

Types of panels

Roles exist for panel members in the planning and confirming phases of the SACE quality assurance cycle, covering both school assessment and external assessment.

School assessment requires the following assessment panel:

  • moderation.

External assessment requires the following assessment panels:

  • examination setting
  • examination vetting
  • marking (written examinations, investigations, languages oral examinations languages only, performances).

Members of the assessment panels work collaboratively with the chief supervisors for the subject. To ensure that the assessment processes for Stage 2 subjects lead to fair, valid, and reliable results for students, they also work closely with the:

  • Chief Supervisor - School Assessment*
  • Chief Supervisor - External Assessment*

This is a valuable opportunity for professional development.

*These panel positions carry a small stipend. For all other panel members, employers will receive a reimbursement when duties occur in normal working hours.

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Selection criteria

  • experience and expertise in senior secondary education
  • knowledge of the relevant subject outline
  • relevant qualifications, current or recent studies
  • teaching experience at senior secondary or tertiary level in the relevant subject
  • ability to meet deadlines
  • proven ability to work cooperatively and flexibly as a member of a team
  • willingness to work under the direction of others
  • willingness to abide by the SACE Board's Code of Conduct

Applicants should complete all relevant personal details and provide information against selection criteria to support their application. This information will be used during the selection process.

Once your application is in, the SACE Board will select panel members based on merit. If selected, you will be required to sign a declaration before an appointment can be made.

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