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SACE Change Network September 2021 update

Shaping education so that students thrive is the cornerstone of the SACE Board’s 2020-2023 Strategic Plan [PDF 2.4MB].

Through a series of key projects, we are reframing the SACE, using the six elements of a thriving learner as our guide to enact change.

The SACE Change Network was established as a new way of working together with our school communities to help bring thrive to life.

Through the SACE Change Network, we are partnering with you to prototype and test ideas in these projects as we work to develop future policies and practices that shape education so students thrive.

A total of 122 school leaders registered their interest in one or more projects, and a cross section of these registrants took part in this first cycle of work. A total of 69 schools played their part in piloting and testing ideas.

The individual project updates below are provided for school leaders and participants in the SACE Change Network, and reflect early learnings about the risks and challenges associated with innovative change.

Please note that SACE Change Network updates do not represent final SACE Board policy positions.