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SACE Change Network Learner profile

A project committed to showcasing the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of the whole student.

What did we do?

  • Before we focus on building a Learner Profile that showcases the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of the whole student, it is important that time is first spent on identifying future SACE capabilities and how they are assessed.
  • We have been working in partnership with schools and tertiary stakeholders through the Capabilities project, to identify and validate future SACE capabilities.
  • Internally, we have evaluated options to build (using SACE IT development) or buy the technology (procure and customise existing software solutions) needed to produce a Learner Profile and have decided to build the Learner Profile using in-house development expertise.

Now what?

  • Consider assessment principles that will inform how the Learner Profile functions so we can consider questions such as ‘how will judgements about a student’s capability be made and visually represented?'
  • We are planning to work on the Learner Profile with schools later in Term 3.


Last updated: July 2021, no September update.