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SACE Change Network | September 2021 update Learning transfer

A project focusing on creating learning experiences and assessments that support students to transfer their learning and apply it in new situations and circumstances.

What did we do?

  • Developed an instructional video and audited exemplar to support the development of examination questions.
  • Prototyped the construction of one examination booklet for Stage 2 Chemistry with a balance of transfer. The setting panel was derived from 2 participants from prior SACE Change Network engagements, SACE Officers, and Lead Practitioner.

What did we learn?

  • The instruction video and exemplar provided effective support to develop examination questions.
  • Quality questions were developed by teachers without previous SACE examination development experience.
  • Further evidence that the transfer tool is usable and effective.

So what?

  • High confidence from participants in using the tool and engaging effectively in the process.

  • Through previous testing and the current increment, we have further substantiation and confidence that the tool is usable to set questions for near and far transfer.

  • We have some level of confidence of the minimum levels of instructional assistance required for Setters to construct examination questions to elicit near to far transfer.

  • Early findings indicate high quality instructional videos and exemplars can be used to support teachers to independently engaged with the concept of learning transfer.