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SACE Change Network | September 2021 update Revitalising the RP and PLP

A project focusing on revitalising Stage 2 Research Project (RP) and Personal Learning Plan (PLP) for teaching in 2022.

What did we do?

  • Conducted 4 workshops with teachers from the SACE Change Network (SCN)
  • Surveyed teachers to gather insights about what they value in the current PLP.
  • Tested potential PLP and RP assessment models.
  • Modelled how capabilities could be used in the revitalised PLP and RP.
  • Developed models for how to capture students natural output of prospective, spective and retrospective reflection.

What did we learn?

  • Pathways and reflection are highly valued in the current PLP and RP.
  • Confidence the proposed PLP and RP Assessment Framework Models, with assessment types and design criteria, provide structure and guidance, while providing sufficient flexibility for student agency and local contexts.
  • Significant interest in embedding future capabilities with the revitalised PLP.
  • There is support for capabilities to be embedded in revitalised RP, but not explicitly assessed through a specific feature.
  • There was support for different forms of reflection (prospective, spective and retrospective) being embedded naturally in teaching, learning and assessment activities.
  • There was some concern that a reduction in workload for the RP (to align with other Stage 2, 10-credit subjects) may impact on the rigour of the learning.
  • There is support for students to have a greater connection with community.

So what?

  • We assume we can develop a manageable 10-credit workload, while maintaining rigour(complexity,  independence, new contexts).
  • Prototype and test performance standards for the PLP and RP subject outlines.
  • Ideas about reflection and students having a greater connection with the community need to be tested with a broader representation of teachers and students.
  • Continue to refine the PLP and RP subject outline.
  • Further explore the use of capabilities within the revitalised PLP and RP.
  • Further explore workload impacts of the revitalised PLP and RP.