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Help us bring thrive to life

Our new strategic plan is about shaping education so that students thrive. Through a series of key projects, we will reframe the SACE, using the six elements of a thriving learner as our guide to enact change. 

In 2021, we're connecting school leaders, educators, and students with dedicated SACE teams to tackle these projects. This will be called the SACE Change Network. 

Together, the network will test and pilot new ideas to support thriving learners. 

Check below to see the projects we're working on and register your interest to get involved.

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Project name Description Progress
Learner profile A project committed to showcasing the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of the whole student. Register your interest.
Capabilities A project focused on identifying the capabilities students are entitled to develop to thrive, and how they can be assessed. Register your interest.
Revitalisation of RP and PLP A project to revitalise the Research Project (RP) and Personal Learning Plan (PLP) to support students to thrive through their SACE and their post-school pathways. Register your interest.
Recognition of learning A project of working with community stakeholders to strengthen the value of VET and other forms of recognised learning that support students to thrive. Register your interest.
Learning transfer A project focused on creating learning experiences and assessments that support students to transfer their learning to different contexts. Register your interest.
Aboriginal education A project to explore ways to value, recognise and celebrate Aboriginal students' language and cultural learning, skills, and capabilities. Register your interest.

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Would you like to be involved in any of these projects, or learn more about them? Fill out the form and we'll keep you updated about how you can contribute.