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Dance Stage 2
Subject outline

Version 4.0 - For teaching in 2024.
Accredited in June 2019 for teaching at Stage 2 from 2021.

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Assessment Type 3: Skills Development Portfolio (30%)

Students complete a skills development portfolio which explores their development as a dance artist. The portfolio allows students to communicate their ideas and use appropriate dance terminology. The dance portfolio should enable students to demonstrate evidence of their ability to make informed judgments about their development as a dance practitioner through research and reflection on their own creative work.

Students independently select a focus area for study. This may include the documentation of processes and analysis of:

  • technical skills development including safe dance practices
  • possible strategies for developing and refining skills as a dancer
  • genre-specific characterisation (e.g. founding principles of classical ballet)
  • self, peer, and teacher feedback about skills development as a dancer
  • risk-taking and experimentation in refining movement.

The portfolio should be approximately 2000 words or 12 minutes multimodal equivalent. The portfolio must include some recorded or photographic evidence of the student’s development as a dance artist collected throughout the year.

Student evidence may include analysis of recordings, photographs, reflective journal entries, and annotated research into the practice of professional performing artists.

For this assessment type, students provide evidence of their learning primarily in relation to the following assessment design criteria:

  • understanding dance — UD1, UD2
  • responding to dance — RD1.