Stage 2 | Assessment Type 3: Language Exploration

Australian Languages — Revival Language Stage 2
Assessment Type 3: Language Exploration

Investigation External assessment Weighting: 30%

The Australian Languages — Revival Language language exploration is assessed externally. Materials should be submitted online for marking by late October (Round 3).

Students work collaboratively with others to explore their understanding of language-building processes used in the revival of their chosen revived language, and how this contributes to the ongoing processes of cultural renewal and reconciliation. 

Individually, students develop, refine and present a response to their language exploration. The language exploration may be presented in written, oral or multimodal form. It should be up to a maximum of 1500 words if written or the equivalent for multimodal format.

Student work should be their own. All externally assessed investigations must be verified by a teacher. See Supervision and verification of student work.

Assessment tasks

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Student responses

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