Data and information

The SACE Board is committed to the principles and objectives of the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (FOI Act), in accordance with the Government’s policies of openness and accountability.

The SACE Board is also committed to the educational and ethical use of data and information to support student achievement in the SACE and to facilitate enhanced understanding of the factors that contribute to student achievement.

The SACE Board has developed policies about the use of SACE data and information that is produced, managed, and maintained by the SACE Board of SA, according to its responsibilities under the FOI Act. These policies apply to the SACE Board’s own management of SACE data and information and to the arrangements that it puts in place for those who use this data and information.

Freedom of information

The SACE Board’s Freedom of Information and Confidentiality Policy Statement sets out the approach to the public release of information in accordance with the FOI Act and the Freedom of Information (Exempt Agency) Regulations 2008.

Further information on making an application under the FOI Act may be obtained via the State Records of South Australia website.