Stage 2 | Assessment Type 1: Group Production

Drama Stage 2
Assessment Type 1: Group Production

School assessment Weighting: 40%

The Drama group production is assessed by the school and moderated at Stage 2. Teachers select moderation samples and submit materials online.

Students complete a group production. Then they present evidence of their learning throughout the process and performance in the form of a recorded presentation.

The video recording of the presentation of evidence may be up to 15 minutes for multimodal or oral presentations, or equivalent where the presentation of evidence includes a written component accompanying a video of excerpts. The written component should not exceed 1250 words. (Please note: 6 minutes is equivalent to 1000 words.)

Student work should be their own. See Supervision and verification of student work.

Stage 2 | School assessment | Assessment Type 1 | Videos

Watch the videos below to help understand Assessment Type 1: Group Production.