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Drama Stage 2
Subject outline

Version 3.0 - For teaching in 2023.
Accredited in June 2019 for teaching at Stage 2 from 2021. 

Stage 2 | Subject outline | Assessment design criteria

Assessment design criteria

The assessment design criteria are based on the learning requirements and are used by: 

  • teachers to clarify for the student what they need to learn 
  • teachers and assessors to design opportunities for students to provide evidence of their learning at the highest possible level of achievement. 

The assessment design criteria consist of specific features that: 

  • students should demonstrate in their learning 
  • teachers and assessors look for as evidence that students have met the learning requirements.

For this subject the assessment design criteria are: 

  • knowledge and understanding 
  • critical and creative thinking 
  • creative application. 

The specific features of these criteria are described below. 

The set of assessments, as a whole, must give students opportunities to demonstrate each of the specific features by the completion of study of the subject. 

Knowledge and Understanding 

The specific features are as follows: 

KU1 Exploration and understanding of dramatic theories, texts, styles, conventions, roles, and processes.
KU2 Understanding and evaluation of the artistic and cultural value of local, global, contemporary, and/or historical drama.

Critical and Creative Thinking 

The specific features are as follows: 

CCT1 Creative thinking and experimentation in the development of dramatic ideas.
CCT2 Analysis and evaluation of the student’s own drama-making and others’ dramatic works, styles, and/or events.

Creative Application 

The specific features are as follows: 

CA1 Application of dramatic processes, individually and in collaboration with others.
CA2 Application of dramatic skills.
CA3 Integration of theory and practice to make meaningful dramatic outcomes.