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SACE Change Network Revitalising the RP and PLP

A project focusing on revitalising Stage 2 Research Project (RP) and Personal Learning Plan (PLP) for teaching in 2022.

What did we do?

  • Produced prototype elements of the PLP and RP subject outline.
  • Together, we tested these prototypes through the SACE Change Network, which included 50 schools and 74 educators from across all sectors.

What did we learn?

  • There is a high level of understanding about how the Thrive elements are applied to the revised PLP and RP subjects.
  • We need more information about how the elements will be represented within the prototype subject outlines. 
  • There is moderate confidence in the direction for both the revised PLP & RP subjects, with general support for the PLP to move from ‘what I want to do’ to ‘who I want to be’ and a RP that drives active learning.
  • Concerns were raised around teacher and student workload. 
  • There is uncertainty around the role SACE capabilities will have in the new PLP and RP subjects. 

So what?

  • The nature of students’ evidence of learning and how this evidence demonstrates thrive needs to be tested.
  • Reduction in student and teacher workload is a priority.
  • Understand the future state of capabilities and how their assessment is integrated with the PLP and RP.
  • Design and develop prototype assessment types to demonstrate impact to thrive and test them with the SACE Change Network.