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SACE Change Network | November 2021 update Learner profile

A project committed to showcasing the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of the whole student.

What did we do?

  • Tested our assumption that subject assessment provides opportunity for students to demonstrate subject learning and SACE capabilities.
  • Developed a prototype assessment event model that involves students and teachers in the process of assessing capabilities.
  • Developed a model to amalgamate assessment decisions recorded across the capability dimensions, multiple assessment events and teachers to profile a student's capabilities.

What did we learn?

  • Teachers value extra-curricular and personal experience at the same level as curriculum-based evidence of capabilities.
  • Additional workload associated with assessment events remains a concern.
  • Schools are concerned about ‘reducing’ capability results to a number.

So what?

  • Consider subject renewal changes that provide the best opportunities for students to demonstrate valued subject knowledge and capabilities.
  • Develop prototypes to test and model teacher pedagogy.
  • Employ visual design to develop an engaging visual representation of a student's capability achievement.
  • It is time for Future Capabilities and Learner Profile projects to come together.