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SACE Change Network | November 2021 update Recognition of Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge and Learning

A project to explore ways to value, recognise and celebrate Aboriginal students' language and cultural learning, skills, and capabilities.

What did we do?

  • We tested with metro, regional and remote location schools, Aboriginal and education communities on the value of recognised and accrediting on country learning by Aboriginal students as part of SACE certification. 

What did we learn?

  • Continued support with a broader range of SA and NT stakeholders to award SACE credits in recognition of knowledge and learning on country.
  • Schools and communities have the ability and desire to work together to recognise cultural learning i.e. SACE cannot work exclusively with communities.
  • Some communities have an organised cultural authority who can warrant student learning, but it is not true of all communities. Majority of schools are willing to work with the community though some schools don’t have a connection with community.

So what?

  • We need to unpack the circumstances behind the disconnection with community including whether there is a difference between sectors, metro, country and remote.
  • We should consider designing a model that will provide support to communities that don’t have an organised cultural authority.