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SACE Change Network Learning transfer

A project focusing on creating learning experiences and assessments that support students to transfer their learning and apply it in new situations and circumstances.

What were we testing?

  • Can teachers use the dimensions of transfer as a tool to identify questions that provide an opportunity for students to show that they can transfer their learning?
  • Can teachers create assessment questions that elicit transfer?

What did we do?

  • We worked with participating teachers to use the dimensions of transfer to audit 2019-20 mathematics and science examination questions for near and far transfer.
  • We reimagined assessment questions to engage students in eliciting greater transfer and shared their re-imagined questions with the group.

What did we learn?

  • The dimensions of transfer are usable. Teachers could recognise 2019/2020 SACE mathematics and science exam questions that provided students with opportunities to elicit near to far transfer.
  • The capability of participating teachers to modify or design an assessment to elicit transfer was varied. Simply providing information to guide teachers to develop transfer questions wasn’t sufficient.
  • Those participants who participated in the transfer project in 2020 were all able to more effectively construct assessment questions to elicit transfer.

So what?

  • If we build assessment questions to elicit near to far transfer, to what level can/will students engage?   
  • How will the community react to assessments that are more intentionally assessing near, mid and far transfer?