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SACE Change Network Capabilities

A project focused on identifying the capabilities students are entitled to develop to thrive, and how they can be assessed.

What did we do?

  • School leaders from the SACE Change Network, SACE staff, and a newly formed Tertiary Advisory Group (TAG) worked on two key areas:
    • Prepared for stage 2 validation of the Personal Enterprise Assessment framework with Melbourne University's Assessment Research Centre (ARC) and the school community.
    • Began the identification of highly valued behaviours and capabilities required for SACE graduates to thrive in their chosen post school pathways.

What did we learn?

  • Content knowledge and capabilities are both valuable and should be required to capture a holistic view of student achievement.
  • Stakeholders connected with the purpose and message underpinning the Capabilities project and methodology used to build the capability frameworks, and deeply value being part of the process and contributing.
  • Some early risks identified were escalated, such as workload, which remains a key concern.

So what?

  • Validation of Personal Enterprise capability to commence.
  • Develop a method to synthesise and refine the valued behaviours identified by the community. 
  • Explore the implications of capability assessment; specifically in respect to teacher workload, task design and the validity and reliability of judgements.