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SACE Change Network Aboriginal education

A project to explore ways to value, recognise and celebrate Aboriginal students' language and cultural learning, skills, and capabilities.

What did we do?

We worked in partnership with strategic level stakeholders and members of the SACE Change Network to test:

  • Support for the rationale and direction of the project in general.
  • Support for the proposal to recognise significant learning on or about Country, particularly:
    • Recognition of various forms of cultural learning
    • Using a cultural authority (community leader/Elder) as the validator of cultural learning
    • Use of a ‘spectrum of evidence’ to conceptualise the bredth of student cultural learning (testing prototype).

What did we learn?

  • There’s a high level of support for the project in general in metropolitan Adelaide, although this support needs to be tested in the Northern Territory.
  • The high-level nature of the project in its early stage may be too conceptual for some people to provide meaningful feedback.
  • Some concerns were expressed about ‘dumbing down’ of the SACE.
  • There was support for recognition of various forms of cultural learning. In relation to learning on or about country, there was mixed levels of support for recognition of intangible and indirect evidence, and mixed levels of understanding of the spectrum of evidence.
  • There was some reluctance for the recognition of evidence that is both indirect and intangible.
  • Schools and communities need to work together for learning to be recognised.

Now what?

  • Work in the Northern Territory to build relationships, understand different contexts of education across the NT, test support for the project and key elements of prototype.
  • Test the interest of stakeholders to undertake research/testing on the project’s behalf as peer researchers.