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Spiritualities, Religion, and Meaning Stage 2
Subject outline

Version 1.0
Accredited in June 2021 for teaching at Stage 2 from 2022.  Editorial changes may be made during the implementation process.
Stage 2 Religion Studies will be taught for the last time in 2022.

Stage 2 | Subject outline | Capabilities | Critical and creative thinking

Critical and creative thinking

In this subject, students extend and apply their critical and creative thinking by, for example:

  • creating and connecting ideas using text, imagery, analogy, and symbolism
  • imagining new possibilities and solutions for religious, cultural, and societal issues, designed to contribute to social justice and the common good
  • drawing conclusions from evidence, viewpoints, reasoning, argument, and expression, as a basis for advocacy, outreach, service learning, and other critical action
  • using metacognition to rationalise decisions, hypothesise, analyse thought processes, and justify evaluations.