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Spiritualities, Religion, and Meaning Stage 2
Subject outline

Version 2.0 - For teaching in 2023. Accredited in June 2021 for teaching at Stage 1 from 2022. 

Stage 2 | Subject outline | Assessment design criteria

Assessment design criteria

The assessment design criteria are based on the learning requirements and are used by:

  • teachers to clarify for students what they need to learn
  • teachers and assessors to design opportunities for students to provide evidence of their learning at the highest possible level of achievement.

The assessment design criteria consist of specific features that:

  • students should demonstrate in their learning
  • teachers and assessors look for as evidence that students have met the learning requirements.

For this subject, the assessment design criteria are:

  • exploration and analysis
  • action and reflective practice.

The set of assessments, as a whole, must give students opportunities to demonstrate each of the specific features by the completion of their study of the subject.

Exploration and Analysis

The specific features are as follows:

EA1 Develop and share understanding of spiritual and/or religious perspectives using inquiry and communication skills
EA2 Analyse ways spiritual and/or religious perspectives shape and/or are shaped by communities
EA3 Evaluate how personal and shared meaning is influenced by spiritual and/or religious concepts, experiences, and beliefs.

Action and Reflective Practice

The specific features are as follows:

ARP1 Design and apply strategies for transformative action or advocacy, drawing on the principles of one or more spiritual or religious traditions
ARP2 Collaborate with others
ARP3 Evaluate the impact of personal and/or shared actions using reflective practice.