Stage 2

Spiritualities, Religion and Meaning Stage 2

For a 10-credit subject, students study one or two big ideas.

For a 20-credit subject, students study two or three big ideas.

At Stage 2 students engage in reflective analysis in response to stimuli such as guest speakers, documentaries and excursions, contextualised by one of the six big ideas. They explore a concept or issue from a religious and/or spiritual perspective and collaborate with others to apply their learning.

The following six big ideas frame learning in this subject by inviting inquiry into religious and spiritual perspectives in context.

Big ideas

  1. Growth, belonging, and flourishing 
  2. Community, justice and diversity 
  3. Story, visions and futures 
  4. Spiritualities. religions, and ultimate questions 
  5. Life, the universe and integral ecology 
  6. Evil and suffering 

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