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Legal Studies Stage 1
Subject outline

Version 3.0 - For teaching in 2023.
Accredited in June 2020 for teaching at Stage 1 from 2021. 

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Subject description

Stage 1 Legal Studies focuses on the use of laws and legal systems to create harmony within dynamic and evolving communities. Through an inquiry-based process, students explore and develop their understanding of the concepts of rights, fairness and justice, power, and change. These concepts are examined in the context of law-making, law enforcement, and dispute resolution, and should be applied to a range of contemporary Australian issues. Opportunities exist to consider alternative perspectives such as international law, customary law, and systems used in other jurisdictions.

Legal Studies is explored through the mechanism of asking ‘big questions’. Big questions are typically open ended, stimulate deep and conceptual thinking, and involve the consideration of a range of perspectives. Big questions encourage debate and active learning. In providing a response to the questions, students must evaluate, analyse and apply contextually appropriate legal principles, processes, evidence, and cases.

Through Legal Studies, students develop an appreciation and awareness of their role as a citizen in the Australian legal system, the skills to communicate their ideas, and the confidence to make informed and effective decisions regarding legal issues.

Legal Studies is a 10-credit subject or a 20-credit subject at Stage 1.

  • For a 10-credit subject, students study Focus area 1: Law and communities, and at least two other focus areas. 
  • For a 20-credit subject, students study Focus area 1: Law and communities, and at least four other focus areas.