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Legal Studies Stage 1
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Version 4.0 - For teaching in 2024.
Accredited in June 2020 for teaching at Stage 1 from 2021. 

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Assessment Type 3: Presentation

Students undertake at least one collaborative presentation and an individual reflection for both a 10-credit and a 20-credit subject. Students are assessed individually.

Presentations can take a variety of forms and occur in a variety of situations.

For example:

  • multimodal presentation
  • display or an address in a public or school area
  • debate
  • mock trial
  • panelist discussion
  • mock parliament
  • video production
  • website
  • oral presentation.

The form of presentation chosen must include between 7 and 10 minutes of oral communication. Some  additional allowances for extra time can be made, depending on the size of the group.

The audience for the oral part of the assessment is negotiable, and may include the class, other classes, community groups, or public arenas.

The individual reflection for each student should be a maximum of 500 words or negotiated format.

The reflection could include:

  • an evaluation of their role in the collaborative process and the presentation
  • the significance of what they learned, both in terms of personal and social capability and from a legal perspective
  • how they worked to build and support the ideas of others to produce a better outcome
  • problems they may have overcome.

For this assessment type, students provide evidence of their learning primarily in relation to the following assessment design criteria:

  • understanding and application
  • analysis and evaluation
  • communication, collaboration, and reflection.