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Legal Studies Stage 1
Subject outline

Version 4.0 - For teaching in 2024.
Accredited in June 2020 for teaching at Stage 1 from 2021. 

Stage 1 | Subject outline | School assessment | Assessment Type 1: Analytical Response

Assessment Type 1: Analytical Response

Students undertake one analytical response for a 10-credit subject, and two analytical responses for a 20-credit subject. 
This assessment could be presented in written, oral, or multimodal form. For example:

  • report
  • web page
  • response to sources
  • essay
  • test
  • media journal
  • extended response
  • letter to parliament
  • parliamentary speech (e.g. maiden speech)
  • political cartoon and commentary.

Participation in group work and classroom discussion is strongly encouraged.

Assessment conditions such as word limits and the performance standards that are being assessed should be clearly communicated to students. A response should be a maximum of 1200 words if written, or a maximum of 7 minutes if an oral presentation or in multimodal form.

For this assessment type, students provide evidence of their learning primarily in relation to some or all of the following assessment design criteria:

  • understanding and application
  • analysis and evaluation
  • communication and collaboration.