Stage 2 | Assessment Type 1: Geographical Skills and Applications

Geography Stage 2
Assessment Type 1: Geographical Skills and Applications

School assessment Weighting: 40%

The Geography geographical skills and applications assessment type is assessed by the school and moderated at Stage 2. Teachers select moderation samples and submit materials online

Students produce four geographical skills and applications tasks to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of geographical concepts, and to examine geographical features, patterns, and processes.

These tasks may be multimodal, written, and/or oral in form. Together, the four responses comprise a maximum of 4000 words or equivalent in oral or multimodal form. Six minutes in oral or multimodal form is equivalent to 1000 words.

The tasks must be related to aspects of the topics studied, and must include:

  • one task from Topic 2: Climate change
  • one task from Topic 4: Globalisation
  • one task from Topic 5: Transforming global inequality
  • one task from any topic or with a focus on geographical skills or fieldwork.

Student work should be their own. See Supervision and verification of student work.

Teachers can access student samples for school assessment and external assessment components via PLATO.