Stage 2

Geography Stage 2

Stage 2 Geography is a 20-credit subject that consist of the following content:

  • the transforming world
  • fieldwork.

The transforming world focuses on the following five topics, which are organised under the two themes of environmental change and social and economic change.

Theme 1: Environmental Change
  • Topic 1: Ecosystems and people
  • Topic 2: Climate change
Theme 2: Social and Economic Change
  • Topic 3: Population change
  • Topic 4: Globalisation
  • Topic 5: Transforming global inequality.

All topics should be studied. 

Topic 1 and Topic 3 are the focus of Section 2 of the external examination.

Combining small classes

Refer to Assessment groups — Stage 2 (Information sheet 1) for information on combining classes to form an assessment group.

For general information about Stage 2 subjects, see Teaching Stage 2.

For workshops, PLATO courses, and Stage 2 assessment panels, see Professional learning.

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