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Drama Stage 2
Subject outline

Version 4.0 - For teaching in 2024.
Accredited in June 2019 for teaching at Stage 2 from 2021. 

Stage 2 | Subject outline | Capabilities | Personal and social capability

Personal and social capability

In this subject students extend and apply their personal and social capability by, for example:  

  • building self-confidence through taking risks, having confidence in decisions, and achieving success through participation  
  • building vocal, physical, and group skills and strategies to increase resolve and resilience and to accomplish personal goals, such a performing for a live audience 
  • evaluating and reflecting on their own participation in the development of dramatic works  
  • collaborating to create a theatre and/or screen company and product 
  • working collaboratively to create a group production for a live audience or a screen company screening its production to a live or online audience 
  • building confidence in demonstrating entrepreneurial skills when working individually or in collaboration with others 
  • being actively involved in workshops, mentorships, and/or masterclasses conducted by professional local and global practitioners.