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Design, Technology and Engineering Stage 1
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Version 4.0
For teaching in 2024. Accredited in November 2018 for teaching at Stage 1 from 2020. 

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Solution realisation

This component (stage) of the design and realisation process involves realising a solution. A solution is the outcome of applying technological skills in order to meet the requirements of a design and realisation brief.

In this subject, a 'solution' is an outcome of the design and realisation process in relation to the chosen context. A solution may be fully realised or a model, prototype, system, part, process (i.e. procedures to output a product), or product.

Possible solution realisation strategies or techniques may include:

  • producing a solution that is captured in multimodal form (e.g. photo story or short film)
  • using appropriate processes and production techniques
  • creating solutions that meet the planned design specifications
  • developing skills and applying them to a range of applications
  • creating an annotated multimodal product record of the creation of the product 
  • developing solutions to technical and engineering problems that may arise during realisation, such as accuracy of machinery, quality of materials and components, and understanding of software programs
  • applying appropriate safety processes in physical and online environments.