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Design, Technology and Engineering Stage 1
Assessment Type 1: Specialised Skills Task

School assessment

The Design, Technology and Engineering specialised skills task is assessed by the school.

For a 10-credit subject students undertake two tasks
For a 20-credit subject students undertake at least two tasks.

Students develop knowledge and skills through completing specialised skills tasks. They apply the skills, processes, and techniques in the related context. This informs the design development for a solution in Assessment Type 2: Design Process and Solution. Students evaluate and assess the development of their own skills in this assessment task. They review how these processes and techniques may influence their solution.

The combined evidence for the specialised skills task should be a maximum of 500 words if written, a maximum of 3 minutes if oral, or the equivalent in multimodal form..

Student work should be their own. See Supervision and verification of student work.