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Design, Technology and Engineering Stage 1
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Version 4.0
For teaching in 2024. Accredited in November 2018 for teaching at Stage 1 from 2020. 

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The evaluation component of the design and realisation process involves judging the quality of the product against the criteria specified in the design brief, and identifying improvements.

Possible evaluation strategies or techniques may include:

  • evaluating (individually and/or collaboratively) how effectively the requirements of the design brief specifications have been met
  • reviewing criteria, standards, reliability, safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness
  • reflecting on product or system outcomes in order to recommend modification or redevelopment of designs or ideas
  • reflecting on the effectiveness of procedures used in the design and realisation process 
  • reflecting on personal learning (e.g. project management, practical skills, capabilities)
  • testing of product or system with end-point users, and recording feedback in written or multimodal form
  • collecting feedback from peers or an industry evaluation of solution
  • creating a weekly journal to record the ongoing evaluation of the process and product
  • evaluating potential publishing or entrepreneurship opportunities (e.g. patents, marketing and distribution, mass production, online publishing, crowd sourcing).