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Design, Technology and Engineering Stage 1
Subject outline

Version 4.0
For teaching in 2024. Accredited in November 2018 for teaching at Stage 1 from 2020. 

Stage 1 | Subject outline | Assessment design criteria

Assessment design criteria

The assessment design criteria are based on the learning requirements and are used by teachers to:

  • clarify for the student what they need to learn
  • design opportunities for students to provide evidence of their learning at the highest possible level of achievement.

The assessment design criteria consist of specific features that:

  • students should demonstrate in their learning
  • teachers look for as evidence that students have met the learning requirements.

For this subject the assessment design criteria are:

  • Investigation and Analysis
  • Design Development and Planning
  • Production
  • Evaluation.

The specific features of these criteria are described below.

The set of assessments, as a whole, must give students opportunities to demonstrate each of the specific features by the completion of study of the subject.

Investigation and Analysis

The specific features are as follows:

I1 Review the design features of products, processes, materials, systems, and/or production techniques.
I2 Research and discuss ethical, legal, economic, and/or sustainability issues related to a solution.

Design Development and Planning

The specific features are as follows:

D1 Communicate design concepts using technical language.
D2 Plan and develop design concepts and procedures.


The specific features are as follows:

P1 Application of skills, processes, procedures, and techniques to create a solution.
P2 Development of solutions to technical problems that arise during the solution realisation.


The specific features are as follows:

E1 Evaluation of the solution features, realisation process, and/or response to issues.