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Aboriginal Studies Stage 2
Subject outline

Version 4.0 - For teaching in 2024
Accredited in May 2016 for teaching at Stage 2 from 2018.

Stage 2 | Subject outline | School assessment | Assessment Type 1: Learning Journey

Assessment Type 1: Learning Journey (40%)

Students complete three responses as part of their learning journey.

In the set of three responses, students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal narratives and synthesise their learning from Aboriginal peoples, communities, and/or other sources of Aboriginal voice. They evaluate and reflect on their learning, and consider how their thinking in the subject has changed. They complete one response based on each of the contexts:

  • diversity and identities
  • cultural expressions
  • contemporary experiences.

Students’ evidence for their learning journey may include, but is not restricted to:

  • responses to texts such as literature, art, film, music, performance, and oral traditions
  • a movie clip
  • a webpage
  • a blog or vlog
  • an avatar presentation
  • a multimedia presentation
  • a music video.

The learning journey may be presented in multimodal, oral, or written form. As a set, the learning journey responses should be a maximum of 15 minutes if oral, 2400 words if written, or the equivalent if multimodal.

For this assessment type, students provide evidence of their learning primarily in relation to the following assessment design criteria:

  • knowledge and understanding
  • deconstruction, analysis, and synthesis
  • evaluation, collaboration, and reflection.