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Aboriginal Studies Stage 2
Subject outline

Version 4.0 - For teaching in 2024
Accredited in May 2016 for teaching at Stage 2 from 2018.

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Learning from and with Aboriginal peoples, communities, and other sources of Aboriginal voice underpins the learning in this subject. It enables students to access a range of Aboriginal viewpoints and narratives as told by Aboriginal peoples.

Through personal contact with Aboriginal peoples and communities, and from Aboriginal voices in a range of different sources, students develop an understanding of the influence and impact of past events, identities, knowledges, cultural expressions, and contemporary experiences. They develop and demonstrate their understanding of resistance, survival, and identity since invasion. Students apply their knowledge to show their understanding of how the past impacts on the present and the future, including the intergenerational impact of government policies on history and culture, economic, social, and political spheres and the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal peoples and communities.

Through learning from and with Aboriginal peoples and communities and deconstructing past experiences, students develop and apply their understanding of the diversity of communities, and how past influences and impacts affect individual perspectives on diversity, identity, cultural expressions, and contemporary experiences. They develop and deepen their respect, empathy, and insight into experiences that are of significance to Aboriginal peoples. Students develop and extend respectful ways of thinking, responding, and acting, and the skills that will enable them to take action in support of social justice.

Students demonstrate their learning through social action within the school and/or local community, and develop and extend respectful ways of thinking, communicating, and acting. They follow cultural protocols by acknowledging their interactions and collaboration with Aboriginal peoples and communities. 

Stage 2 Aboriginal Studies is a 20-credit subject.

Aboriginal Studies is underpinned by three integrated learning strands that are studied through three contexts. The learning strands provide the conceptual framework for the knowledge, understandings, skills, and capabilities that students develop through each of the three contexts. The three learning strands are developed and extended in each of the three contexts, as illustrated in the diagram below.